HoisiHouse Reno Inpso

Our goal for 2019 is to start on renovations for the house. This house was actually Kyle’s family home growing up. We’re doing this all ourselves, doing one room at a time, and it’ll take time. I want to take y’all along for the ride. We’ve painted the main areas of the house, the halfContinue reading “HoisiHouse Reno Inpso”

Getting Married For 12k

November 19th, 2017 I married my baby daddy + best friend at Millers Creek Rustic Events in Montgomery, Texas surrounded by family + friends. This industry is crazy + expensive. The average wedding cost in 2017 for the U.S was $35, 329. In Houston, it was $40,285. We wanted to have a fun party filledContinue reading “Getting Married For 12k”


We had a wedding this weekend – Kyle was in the wedding and all the guys dressed as TBirds from Grease so their S.O. got to dress up as any of the Pink Ladies. I chose my favorite scene + song. I can remember at 5 years old watching this movie every night in myContinue reading “D.I.Y BAD SANDY HALLOWEEN COSTUME “