About Us

We’re a family of 4 who aren’t what you would call traditional, but these days… Who’s family is? We live in a suburb right outside of Houston, Texas. We like playing outside (especially when it’s raining) + lazy Sunday’s + trips to the zoo + eating dinner in front of the TV + strolling through Target when we’re bored.

Let Me Introduce you to everybody

Spencer Joii (ME)

 I’m the one writing and taking all the pictures. As you can see, I’m outnumbered but can’t imagine my life any other way. I love experimenting in the kitchen, sweet tea & coffee, capturing moments, singing and dancing to music wherever I go, doing girly things when the boys aren’t around (painting my nails + shopping + watching The Bachelor with a glass of wine in my hand)

Kyle (Hubby)

 The muscle (and brain) in the house and helper with all my d.i.y projects, hates pictures but loves me, keeps me sane by being an amazing father. He loves working in the yard, putting 1000 piece puzzles together, IMDB, Warriors, and grocery shopping.

Talon (The Strong Willed Child)

6 years old – Big Brother & Boss in the making. You can catch him if you’re a fast runner, otherwise he’ll just laugh at you. He loves adventure, animals, destruction, superheroes and anything with wheels.

Cohen (The Side-Kick)

3 years old – My little lion. You can find him chasing after Talon or clinging onto me. He loves watermelon, building with legos, playing outside, and DINOSAURS.