Then and now

Taking a trip down memory lane…

I didn’t take too many photos of the house before we moved in. Thinking back now, I wish I did. BUT… Here’s some then + now photos to see how far we’ve come.

Before we moved in

6 months after we moved in

Casual Dining/Living Combo
Now + I’m not done yet!
Entry then
Entry Now
Upstairs living then
Upstairs living now
Boys room then
Boys room now
Kitchen Then
Kitchen nook now
More on Kitchen to come
Laundry then
Laundry now
Our room then
Our room now

So much more to come…

This is just a glimpse of the transformations we’ve done, with much more on the way. It’s been an exciting ride and I can’t wait to show you guys more.

– Spencer Joii

Published by HoisiHouse

Hi, I'm Spencer Joii. I'm a mother of 2 boys renovating our family home one room at a time.

2 thoughts on “Then and now

  1. I LOVE it! You have done such a marvelous job of transforming that house into a home. I hope I get to see it someday! We are still trying to sell our house, it has been a very discouraging process. Our house looks so great, yet it keeps getting passed over for reasons unknown. So the journey continues… love You so much, Laura


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