2017 will be unforgettable 

I’m back!! I hope everybody had an amazing holiday season! Hello 2017! 

Life has been overwhelmingly full of love and life in these recent months. My sister Ailish came into town for 10 days. This was the first Christmas where Talon really learned about the true meaning and was so excited Christmas morning to open all the presents. Cohen knew something was up but didn’t really seem to care for unwrapping gifts. 

The day Ailish flew back to Los Angeles… Kyle, Talon, Cohen and myself left for a 10 day trip in Dallas + Athens with Kyles family. We took Kyles new chevy truck (Kyles Christmas gift) and it was a blast! 

Our New Years in The Colony, Tx 

We stayed with Kyles older brother and his family. The men had been building a lean roof onto house for a covered patio. The women were getting ready for a little get together that night. 

Leading up to this, Kyle had very subtlety hinted at fixing my ring he had given for Valentine’s Day (one of the prongs had been damaged because ya know… kids) So like any girl, I start hoping and expecting that he might propose. I was expecting it on Christmas and when it didn’t happen, I was crushed. I was trying really hard to present myself like I was okay with the fact… But it was tough. We’ve been together almost 3 years. This was our third Christmas + New Years together. Were raising two children, live in the same home, share finances and do taxes together. In my mind, it’s like “Ok why hasn’t this happened yet? We’re common law, bro… Make a move!” 

Men… One: they’re completely clueless, two: they’re not mind readers, three: they just don’t know! I cut him some slack. He always said he wanted it to be organic, in the moment and a shock factor for me. I couldn’t disagree with him, so after Christmas I was pretty bummed and just thought “It probably won’t happen for a while because I’ve been expecting it.” Forced those thoughts in the back of my mind. 

People start showing up, I kept pouring the wine while Cohen slept and Talon jumped on the trampoline trying to make it to midnight (he didn’t). We were socializing with family and other couples that we’re there. Kyle and I broke off to get some alone time once both kids were in bed. We sat outside talking about our past three New Years together and how we couldn’t believe how far we’ve come as individuals, as a couple and a family. The clock ticked closer to midnight, we moved inside and turned on Dick Clarks New Years Eve. It was ten minutes till the ball drop… Everyone came in and starting pouring the bubbly. The count down starts…





Kyle drops to one knee, opens a ring box in his hands… 

“Will you marry me?” He asks. 

I’m in disbelief. Am I dreaming? Is this real life? I cannot even speak. My hand is over my mouth and I just nod. 

“Yes?” He asks.

I nod again, and again. He stands up and shows me the rings; my rose gold green amethyst and two rose gold bands with diamonds. 

“One band represents Talon, one represents Cohen, the third represents us but you’re the stone… you’re the center piece because without you the rest of us would fall apart. Seven diamonds total because seven means complete like the first poem I wrote you.” 

Rings designed + handmade by: Rebecca Lankford Designs 

Tears. We kiss. Everyone’s staring, video taping and taking photos. They’re cheering, clapping… Celebrating us and the new year. The most perfect moment I could ask for. He did good… Really good. 

Save The Date Design: Minted 

It is still surreal that this is all happening. I already said yes to the dress! 

I will post bi-weekly updates on how the wedding planning is going. We’ll be doing a lot of DIY to cut cost where we can, so I’m excited to share it with y’all! 

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Hi, I'm Spencer Joii. I'm a mother of 2 boys renovating our family home one room at a time.

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