We had a wedding this weekend – Kyle was in the wedding and all the guys dressed as TBirds from Grease so their S.O. got to dress up as any of the Pink Ladies. I chose my favorite scene + song. I can remember at 5 years old watching this movie every night in my black unitard, singing and dancing to all of Sandys parts. One of my all time favorite movies. Kyle on the other hand had never seen it (he hates musicals)… what’s wrong with him, right? I made him watch it – he stuck with it even though I could tell he hated it. Between you and me, he’ll never admit it.. But he got into at the end. 

You’re the one that I want 

A few pictures of what my costume looked like: 


Easiest to find. They’re high waisted (not shown in picture) $14.50 + free shipping with Amazon prime. Warning: they’re really hot… If it’s cold, put these on… If not, don’t even try. Other than that, they’re comfy and cheap. 

Buy here 

Was really hoping to find an off the shoulder leotard. Not super easy to find. Love the way it looks + feels. Close enough to the look I was going for. Got it from my local mall for $8.00. 


I had actually ordered a different belt on Amazon that was too big so I found this at goodwill while looking for a leather jacket for Kyle. I love going there for Halloween costumes. 


A good girlfriend of mine brought 2 pairs of shoes over. She’s a half size smaller than me, so I chose the one that fit me better. They weren’t exact, but hey… they’re red right? 

Side note: The most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding. Wicked Themed with performers singing songs from Wicked + an aerialist + a drag queen. 

Kyle’s costume on the other hand was stuff he already had in the closet. It’s always easier for men.

I got a lot of compliments on it & how it really resembled her outfit in the movie. It was pretty easy to find everything & I’ll keep it in my closet for when I need to feel sexy or want to reanact Sandy + Danny love ❤️ 

Later this week, I’ll have the favorites up + Halloween festivities + boys costumes. 

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Hi, I'm Spencer Joii. I'm a mother of 2 boys renovating our family home one room at a time.

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