Spencer here. First blog posts can be nerve wracking. I have so much I want to write about and share, but don’t know what to start with. I thought an introduction was a good start.

Name: Spencer Joii Hill

Partner + baby daddy: Kyle Hoisington

Kiddos: Talon + Cohen

I’m a working mom: Spa Director + independent photographer + social media/bookkeeper for HoisBoys Lawn Co. I’m starting this blog because it’s been a dream of mine for quite some time. I love writing, it’s a good way for me to get everything out. I feel better after writing.

Things I love to do when I’m with my boys:

zoo trips + target sprees + blanket forts + kid friendly movie at the theater + Rain Boot parties outside + dirt fights + hide&seek + cooking&baking + walks to the park + road trips to the beach + cuddle time on Sunday’s + Freddy’s ice cream

Things I love to do without kids:

Target sprees + non-kid friendly movie at the theater + coffee + a new book + bachelor/bachelorette/bachelor in paradise + wine or margarita time + d.i.y + Pinterest + cooking&baking with wine + girl time with wine + concerts + driving with the music up&singing out of key + bonfires + date night with my love + eating without interruptions

We just got back from a family trip to South Carolina! Boy, did I want to stay there forever on the beach. Talon cried when we left – he did not want to come home. Traveling with kids is not for the faint of heart. The plane ride was cake… It was the hour and half drive from the airport to the beach that was another story. Crying baby and a bored toddler with the hands over their ears; “are we there yet?” Every 2 minutes. Roll the windows down, music up + Advil & tune out. Once we got there, the only trip we made was to the grocery store, which is 5 minutes down the road.

Here are some pictures from our lovely 7 day stay at Litchfield Beach on Pawleys Island…

Things that I’ll remember forever from this trip:

Talon boogie boarding like a pro + Cohen dipping in the ocean + catching jellyfish + Talon and Kyle going out on the sailboat with my uncle + biking with my sis, Kyle with Cohen hitching a ride + hammock naps with both boys + Talon and Cohen swinging side by side + Cohen copying everything Talon and Kyle does + bike ride with Cohen and my mom + playing cards with my family + my uncle and Talon making a sand car + Talons first interaction with a parrot + star gazing on the rooftop with Kyle for my birthday + Cohen inhaling snow cones and ice cream + Krispy Kreme donuts + Cohen’s first birthday on the porch

Things I’d rather forget:

Talons first jellyfish sting + losing my sisters new hat kayaking out into ocean + Flipping over in the kayak + Kyle getting beat up by his kayak + Cohen falling cheek first onto the concrete + Talons poopy swim diaper + running out of Krispy Kreme donuts + running out honey goat cheese + getting lost trying to find a Starbucks because my phone died + leaving the beach

Check out our home & about us pages to get to know us even more. Also, add me on FB & Instagram. I hope to make some blogging friends since I’m new to all this. I’m always open to tips, suggestions or advice.


Published by HoisiHouse

Hi, I'm Spencer Joii. I'm a mother of 2 boys renovating our family home one room at a time.

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